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Every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am - 12:00noon inshaAllah

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Words are powerful, and using them well helps you communicate with others when you speak and when you write. The English language includes a wealth of words you can use to express your ideas effectively.

Two Books we encourage students to use:

  • A Dictionary
  • A Thesaurus

Concerning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah

The First Principle Concerning Allah's Names

"All od Allah's names are Beautiful"

Allah says, "And to Allah belong the most Beautiful Names." Surah Al-A`raaf 7:180

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Students (the young Muslimah) in this class will begin to learn about the beauty of Allah's names, what they mean and how to implement them daily when remembering Allah ta`ala inshaAllah.

The title of the book: Exemplary Foundations Concerning the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah

written by Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen (rahimahullah)

He begins with the statemment above and explaining that, " All of Allah's names are beautiful, meaning that they reach the utmost limits of beauty."

also regarding the ayaat, "That is because they include perfect attributes that have no defects in any way whatsoever. No one could assume a defect from them, nor could they claim the existence of one outright."

Example 1: al-Hayy (the Ever Living)

This is a name of Allah the Exalted, and it includes the Attribute of Perfect Life, not preceded by absence, nor followed by death. Such life necessitates other perfect Attributes as well, like knowledge, capability, hearing, sight, and others.

We will continue these benefits in the class, inshaAllah

Allah's Names and Attributes Worksheet

See you inside barakAllahu feeki

Worship Allah and shun the taghut...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Walhamdulillah, it is so important to teach the youth the reasons for why they are Muslimah. Surely, it is not because our parents are worshipping Allah, right? So we as individuals, must understand why Allah says, "I have not created jinn and man except to worship Me." Thereafter, when we have learned (benefited from the knowledge), we must then act upon that by implementing it in our daily lives.

So, from the first chapter of Kitab al-Tawhid written by allamah Abd`al Rahman as-Sa`di (rahimahullah) we begin our journey of learning and then acting upon what we have learned.

Chapter 1

Students are expected to take notes, complete worksheets, ask questions when needed and participate fully in class discussions inshaAllah.

See you inside!

Weekly Word Search

Students are asked to research a word a week in addition to regular vocabulary and spelling word list. This exercise helps students increase their knowledge of words and how they can be used in speech and through writing. We will discuss how to use the synonyms and antonyms for each word. Students can demonstrate the use of words in a word story or sentences.

Ability (noun)

Ability means the power to do something well.

Synonyms are words that can be used to provide a more specific meaning of a word. They are words that mean the same thing as the used or given word. The word ability has the following synonyms:

talent, capacity, facility, skill, competence, aptitude, capability, knack, or know how

Sentences for Ability:

1. Fatimah's ability to make her own  clothing has saved her a lot of money.

2. Aisha's recitation shows a real promise for talent in the future inshaAllah.

3. Jameelah has a great capacity for foriegn languages and speaks Arabic, French, and English fluently.

4. Muhammad's facility in mathematics has impressed all his teachers.

5. Alisha's skill in cooking has improved over the years.

6. Building an airplane requires a high degree of competence.

7. Talhah's aptitude with hydrolic systems led to a career in mechanics.

8. Someone of Shaykh Uthaymeen's capability could easily teach a wide variety of subjects.

9. Hassan has a knack with tools and enjoys working in the feild of construction and design.

10. It will take a lot of know-how to complete restorations on that 1972 Corvette.

Choosing the right synonyms

Khadeejah, who is Aisha's classmate, is writing a report about gymnastics. She chose this fact to start with below. Read the article

about gymnasts to help them decide how to write the report, and make any changes before submitting the final copy to the class newsletter.

Fact 1: On December 16, 2011 a 9 year girl named Maile from Las Vegas, Nevada seems to be an upcoming star for the 2020 Olympics.

"While there are about 40 girls ages 7 to 10 who have been identified nationally, Maile's scores and ability put her near the top.

The program started with 2,000 gymnasts and had five qualifiers from Nevada, but Maile is the state's lone TOPs team member."


Academics: Language Arts; Reading; Vocabulary

~ Vocabulary & Spelling Words

List 1 Example: 

Alhamdulillah, please complete the following activities

1. Write each word three (3) times each  - Day 1

2. Arrange words in Alphabetical Order - Day 2

3. Write a sentence for each word - Day 3

4. Write a little "true story" using the words in the list.  Day - 4 (Extra Credit)

 Quizzes should be given at home every Thursday to reinforce the introduction of the words inshaallah.

National 5th Grade Word List http://www.readingkey.com/demo/Files/vocab/Grade5/Vocab5.pdf

*Do not submit your artwork at the site

Word Review

Lesson 1 Example: Writing a true story

still , best, bat, mom, just, desk, clock, hut, fit, plant 

Story writer words:

students can use any or all of the words above to create a story based upon something that really happen. (This does not mean only to the child) they can tell what may have happened to someone else also inshaAllah.

example of a short story combining details using some words from the list:

When Ismael (alaihi salaam) was a little boy he lived with his mom. Just like other young men, Ismael was a help to his father. His father was named Ibrahim (alaihi salaam) the friend of Allah. Ismael and his Father rebuilt the first house of worship for Allah together. They called this the "House of Allah" or "the Kabah". You can still see the Kabah if you go to visit the Holy city of Mecca. The best time to go there would be for Hajj or Umrah inshaAllah. While on Hajj or Umrah you can stay in tents that look like a hut. Don't worry all of your things will fit in it. You may even be able to put a small clock there too.

Please Prepare for test 1 inshaAllah.

*Reminder about the Story Writer Words: Please have your children to tell the truth in the writings inshaAllah. Meaning they can relay what has happened to them or another person, but not from made up situations this would be falsehood. Jazakillahu khayrun akhawaat. You can see from the example above, that a storyline can be created from using the facts inshaAllah.

Weekly Word Search 2


Students are asked to research a word a week in addition to regular vocabulary and spelling word list. This exercise helps students increase their knowledge of words and how they can be used in speech and through writing. Use the synonyms and antonyms for each word in a word story or sentences.

Previous (adjective)

Previous means coming or happening earlier than something else.

Synonyms are words that can be used to provide a more specific meaning of a word. They are words that mean the same thing as the used or given word. The word previous has the following synonyms: 

prior, preceding, foregoing, recent, past, former, preliminary

antonyms: following, later

Word List 1

The 1st word list is a 4th Grade review of words. Follow the instructions above to complete each assignment.

1. medium    1. gale    1. recently    1. emotion    1. outstanding

2. beyond    2. rate    2. citizen    2. solution    2. proof

3. remain    3. rage    3. generous    3. duration    3. understood

4. previous    4. volume    4. suggest    4. combination    4. moisture

5. identical    5. compete    5. gigantic    5. stationary    5. annoy


6. distance    6. brain    6. particle    6. culture    6. author

7. effort    7. proceed    7. observe    7. adventure    7. auditorium

8. explanation    8. increase    8. firm    8. manufacture    8. awkward

9. accurate    9. brief    9. hurricane    9. agriculture    9. meadow

10. opportunity    10. coast    10. horizon    10. legislature    10. coward

Word List 2


1. union    1. event    1. inner    1. conflict

2. bonus    2. fumes    2. insist    2. impeach

3. social    3. bravery    3. intact    3. summarize

4. regions    4. revolt    4. instant    4. Appalachian

5. statement    5. govern    5. influence    5. immigration

Word List 3


1. aid    1. cease    1. shield    1. goal

2. aide    2. reveal    2. shriek    2. coal

3. gait    3. defeat    3. relieve    3. boast

4. failure    4. repeal    4. frontier    4. cocoa

5. plains    5. Seattle    5. beliefs    5. approach

Word List 4


1. fade    1. issue    1. misty    1. hasty

2. dose    2. empire    2. waxy    2. lobby

3. slave    3. inhale    3. briskly    3. policy

4. prime    4. expose    4. anxiety    4. silvery

5. independence    5. glare    5. revolutionary    5. ivory

Word List 5


1. trout    1. ownership    1. booming    1. hoist

2. pouch    2. burrow    2. nook     2. avoid

3. announce    3. drowsy     3. textbook     3. loyal

4. encounter    4. towering     4. misunderstood     4. destroy

5. source    5. Mayflower    5. cooperate    5. boycott

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah


GA Homeschool Laws and Testing

Familiarize yourself with the laws for homeschool


Colleges that admit homeschoolers


Students in different areas of the country will need to check their local homeschool laws in each county inshaAllah

See this link to order the Pass Test for Homeschoolers inshaAllah 


" The PASS Test was developed specifically for home schoolers. It has certain similarities to other achievement tests in that it estimates student achievement in the subjects of reading, language, and math. For grades 3 - 8."

from Quran wa Sunnah

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Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Alhamdulillah, here is a basic form that you as Muslims can use as your Last Will and Testament to avoid any complications at the time of your death. This simple form will give the Muslims the right to take possession of your remains and to distribute your property according to Islamic Law (shariah) inshaAllah.

Please share amongst the Muslims

Last Will and Testament.pdf

BarakAllahu Feekunna wa Jazakumullahu Khayraa

Wa`alaykumus Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh