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Earth Science

Guidance is Needed...

*Note to parents: Science subjects and written materials require that you review the information that is being taught to your child. Especially, for those who are using materials for academic studies. Most books created for use in today’s schools and even from the past contain the views of disbelievers. The opinions of these individuals are infused into the work. So you have to make a distinction between what is false and what is truth and safeguard them. Review your children's books, and check their understanding about Allah and the creation. 

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Can you identify this crystal, also called a false topaz?

Chapter 1: What is Earth Science

Words to Know

science, earth science, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, crust, mantle, core, planet, solar system. galaxy

Have you ever wondered where rain water goes when it seeps into the ground? Have you thought about how old water is? Or, what happens to it when it evaporates. These are questions that scientists try to answer. Science is the search for answers to questions about the creation.

Learning about Earth Science which is the search for answers to questions about earth, will help you discover some of these answers.

Satellites are circling the earth right now as we speak, taking pictures to unlock mysteries about the earth's surface. Scientists use satellite pictures to find minerals, track storms, and to develop maps. In this chapter, students discover some of the ways scientists go about their search for knowledge of the earth.

Defining Terms:

Scientists spend only a portion of their time researching the earth's surface. They also study the processes that take place around the earth and within its atmosphere. Take a look up at the sky, you will see the earth's atmosphere. The atmosphere is the blanket of air that surrounds the earth. The blanket is a very thin layer of gases, oxygen and nitrogen. It also includes water, ice, dust, and other particles.

Our water supply covers seventy percent of the earth's surface. It is known as the hydrosphere. The hydrosphere includes the salt water in oceans, and the fresh water found in lakes and rivers. These bodies of water behave differently, but they both sink into the ground and rise into the atmosphere.

Land is the solid outermost part of earth known as the lithosphere. The lithosphere varies in degree of depth and includes mountains, hills, and valleys. You can also find a part of the interior of the earth within the lithosphere. 

The Earth's Interior

The Earth's Interior (basic)
Which layer is made of liquid rock?

Traveling through the earth's interior would prove to be fascinating to a scientist. So far, it has been said that earth has three main layers. First, moving downward from the surface we would pass through the crust. The crust is the outer layer of the lithosphere. It contains soil, rocks, and mountains. 

Next, there is the mantle. The mantle is a thick layer of rock below the crust. The crust and the upper part of the mantle form the lithosphere.

Finally, there is the core. The core is the earth's innermost region. It is extremely hot! The core is made up of two parts: the outer core and the inner core. The outer core seems to be made of liquid rock while the inner core, found at the center, appears to be solid rock.

The earth is a planet that the sun orbits. An orbit is a complete path of movement around one object or another. Most planets have one or more similar companions. Allah tells us there are seven (7) earths. We shall discuss more points of benefit about the solar system and the galaxy a little later in the chapter. Using evidences from Quran wa Sunnah inshaAllah. 

more to come InshaAllah......

Fields of Earth Science

Students are encouraged to research each field below and write down some basic facts about each field. Some clues have been provided.

Meteorology - study of the earth's atmosphere

Geology - study of the solid earth, interior, and its history

Oceanography - study of oceans

Hydrology - study of fresh water









Most of these career area's may require a 4-year college degree

Studying Earth Science requires guidance for questions that are contradictory to Islamic beliefs. When you have questions don't hesitate to ask for help inshaa' Allah. May Allah protect us all from misguidance aameen

Do you have homework questions or need live assistance and examples. Students send us an email. Non-student members please go here 

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah


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