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(Don't ignore this message akhawaat, *You know the day your Ibn turned 7, he became too old to participate in the THM Course Schedules for the girls right? We do apologize, but currently we have no academic or Islamic studies full-time program under the FTSOnline homeschool for the Muslimah option. May Allah allow this topic to become easier aameen.

Good News though!

The brother Abu Aisha Abdu Jaleel (Abu Arba) teaches the young brothers five Islamic disciplines in hopes of raising them to be young men upon righteous actions and upright character on the path of salafiyyah inshaAllah, all on wiziq absolutely (free) walhamdulillah. May Allah reward the brother with an increased abundance of good aameen.

Please sign him up for the Young Salafis Online Courses with Abu Arba ONLY inshaAllah, barakAllahu Feekum; send an email request to for more info. Jazakillahu Khayrun akhawaat

For those who need further proofs:

Read Age-of-Discernment.pdf

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           Sample Lesson: The Salaat - 

Course 1- Islamic Studies

Enroll all year for Young Salafi Sahab now Young Salafis Online Islamic Studies

Teaches students five disciplines and raising them to be young men upon righteous actions and upright character

Every Monday & Thursday at 2:30pm EST

with Abu Aisha Abdul Jaleel (Abu Arba)

Registration is always open 

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Admin Note to Parents

 We are grateful that Allah has provided for our young brothers an educational understanding through the teachings of Abu Aisha in the Young Salafis Online Islamic Studies course. He has for the past few years continued to provide this benefit to the students walhamdulillah without failing in his responsibilities. May Allah grant him and the boys continued success aameen

Jazakillahu Khair  

Worksheet Assistance Index 1

The First Principle Part: 1.0 Who is your (Rabb) Lord? (Part 1: for 5-7yrs) (links removed)

The First Principle Part: 1.2 (link removed)

The First Principle Part:1.3 (link removed)

The First Principle Part: 1.4 (link removed)

Oral Quiz 1:  Quiz 1.2G3 ; Quiz 1 G3 (links removed)

The Second Principle Part: 2.0 What is your Religion?

The Second Principle Part: 2.0 What is your Religion?, 2.0 Print-Out

The Second Principle Part 2.1

The Second Principle Part 2.2

The Second Principle Part 2.3

Islam is Built on Five: Print Out

The Second Principle Part 2.4

Worksheet 1: Words To Know

Worksheet 2: Knowledge of Three Things Poster

Worksheet 3: Who is your Lord?

Worksheet 4: Who is your Lord?/Practice Writing Sheets

Worksheet 5:  From among his signs...Surah Fussilaat

Written Review: Student must be able to provide the proofs necessary to answer the questions inshaAllah. All students who receive a 90% or better will receive a certificate of completion for this Discipline. May Allah Grant you Success, ameen



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