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In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Ahlan wa Sahlan

May Allah have mercy upon us, you and your family Aameen. Let us first begin by saying walhamdulillah and welcoming you and your family to THM Sadaqa Group Your Standard Salafi Curriculum Guide to Online Homeschool Assistance and Adult Participation Courses. We thank you for your agreement upon payment to commit to the study program. Certainly, with this action we have offered a trust to one another. Most program choices require students to commit to at least six months to 1 year of study.

We are happy to hear that you have taken it upon yourselves to begin the homeschool assistance or adult participation process, embarking upon personal studies, or that you have been doing so successfully for the past few years and wish to brush up or increase upon that path, may Allah increase us all upon knowledge, patience, and right guidance, Aameen


Although, our new semester has begun or is coming very soon it's never too late, you’re just in time to sit in for participation with other families who have been working hard throughout the summer or year. You can stay up-to-date with current events by creating an account here at the website or by visiting class pages on To receive class links don't forget about creating an account or following us on  and adding us as a contact on inshaAllah

In the mean time, we have some suggestions and solutions for you to keep busy until your first class begins, and to prep for the next upcoming classes of online participation inshaAllah. Please visit the Course Class Pages or homepage which can be found online depending upon your subject of choice: If you have not already discussed a schedule with your instructor, we ask that you implement the following steps before coming to class inshaAllah.

For students enrolling in Islamic Studies – Please refer to 1Y Islamic Studies or students enrolling for academics and Islamic studies go to FTSOnline for more details instructions.

1.  Please review the courses in order of importance to your already existing personal study schedule. Make adjustments, organize your day, and prepare early inshaAllah.

Coordinate your calendar for Monday - Thursday or Weekend days with times ranging from 8am - 4 pm. Know Barakallahu Feekum that during time changes here in America this may become difficult when readjusting but persistence is paramount to your completion inshaAllah.

2.  According to your choices, purchase the required books if needed. For more information about books contact the administrator by IM message at Salafi_Academy using your yahoo messenger or visit the link for children books under the home button.

Fees at THM Sadaqa Group for Islamic Studies Only

For All programs specific to Islamic Studies only or individual courses (Ahaadeth, Quran/Tafsir, Arabic, YSS, K3 Courses for Kids and K5 Courses for the Muslimah [when available]) at THM Sadaqa Group the cost for services are: *This does not include courses labeled under the FTSOnline Program for Full-time or Part-Time Homeschool.

$10.00 a month per student ($30 per semester) A semester is around 15 weeks. A real bargain at your fingertips, from your home. You can help a struggling Muslimah, student, or instructor with this fee alhamdulillah.

The books are purchased by the parent/self after it has been determined which course the student is enrolled for. Your cost may vary. More information provided as needed. We do encourage students, parents, families, and visitors to make donations to help us pay for the cost of programs used.(i.e. the website)

For those who have been authorized to mail in your payments in (3-month increments) an email will be forwarded to you with exact details inshaAllah. All others please send your payment through our online store or a direct payment to paypal using any further questions email

BarakAllahu Feekunna for doing business with THM Sadaqa Group © 

Classroom Access:

WIZIQ classrooms for student use:

 Once you have enrolled, you will be placed in one of the following courses/programs. You will need a headset with a microphone attached inshaAllah. Only launch the session of the rooms you need to access! No men/boys allowed within listening distance without a headset.

K3 or K5 Courses Islamic Studies Only

FTSOnline Academics & Islamic Studies Combined for the Muslimah (5th Advanced -8th Grade students only)

Advanced Islamic Studies Only Courses

Language Studies - (Quran- Hifth, Tajweed and Arabic)

Young Salafis Online – YSO with Abu Arba (for boys)

Summer School

THM Reading Room

InHouseGa Afterschool Programs

InHouseGa Private Tutoring

Free Courses

Business Webinars/Seminars

All classes are linked to an interactive online option to homeschool, bringing our sisters, brothers, and children together in a peaceful and protected environment for studies. You can create an account absolutely free and invite to your contact list; if you have not received your access for class you must contact the administration by sending an email. We ask that you do not wait until the day of class to ask for an invite.

About links for access:

When a new session/class link is sent out to enrolled students and/or their parents or you may be added to the course which sends out an open link to those enrolled. Either of these options provide safety for the female students and instructors, and all other participants who value the comfort of non-mingling with the opposite gender.

THM Sadaqa Group does offer some courses where male and female participants are in the same room; these classes are operated by the scholars, Imams or students of knowledge only and are announced as such (i.e. all are welcome). There are no other same gender classes outside of K3 Courses (specific to children under 7 years). Our policy strictly adheres to no mingling.

We also ask that you read the following privacy policy statements regarding female gender protection and others:

PS006 - Recording Is Not Allowed

PS007 - No Men within Listening Distance

Forms I Must Have

  I.  Online enrollment application

 II.  Sample of Writing for the Student Portfolio

 III. Prepared list of course choices and/or electives

 IV. Completed Student Semester Payment (if needed)

What else will you need for class?

Notebooks or paper, notecards (index) 

Books that are recommended for the class you have chosen

Pen, pencils, eraser, highlighter

(*you will need a printer to print out worksheets inshaAllah)

Headset with Microphone  and webcam for notebook checkpoints or projects only

Specialty classes have separate material request these are posted with the seasonal schedule only. 

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

Sisters - add to your Yahoo Messenger ID:


Email:  or 

Barakallahu Feekum and May Allah reward us and you all with an abundance of good, aameen

THM Sadaqa Group

Looking for FTSONLINE go here for Academics and Islamic Studies (3 hour or 5 hour course days, Mon.-Thurs. & Saturdays)

 *This page is intended for enrolled students only. If you have reached this page in error please go to the enrollment page here to start your process of enrollment inshaAllah. May Allah reward you with good, aameen.



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