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Reading Room Part 2 -Advanced Readers

Khutbat al Haajah (first part)

Innal hamdulillahi nahmaduhu wa nasta’eenu wa nastughfiruhu, wa na’uudhu billaahi min shuruuri anfusinaa wa sayi’aati a’maalinaa. Man yahdihil-laahu falaa muDilla lahu wa man yuDlil falaa haadiya lahu. Wa laa ilaha illa Allaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu wa anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa Rusuluhu (Salla allahu alaihi wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi was salaam).

English Meaning: All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah the Most High from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds. Whomever Allah guides cannot be misguided, and whomever Allah He leaves astray, cannot be guided. I testify that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except Allah alone without any partner or associate, I further testify that Muhammad (salla allahu alaihi wa salaam) is His true slave and Messenger. May Allah salah and Salaam be also granted to the prophet's pure family and to all of his noble companions.

Amma Ba'd: (To Proceed) 

Prerequisite for this course

Students who enroll for this course must have completed all previous lessons from the Reading Room Part 1 with successful completion of its test and exams. Completion means that you have read, understood, and memorized some if not all of the basic content associated with the history of the prophets, companions, and scholars from the lesson and completed the end exam.

If you are new to the program and you have read the text prior- with parents, Islamic school or program, or taken a class online with one of the scholars, student's of knowledge, Imaam/Other to complete lesson one than alhamdulillah you are welcome join us.

Please submit the following exam prior to class:

Stories of the companions: Preview Test Unit 1 - 5

All others please make an appointment for Class 1 and its schedule inshaAllah.

Muslimah Participation Only

at least 12 yrs (able to comprehend subjects) to Adult Participation

Wiziq Room : Islamic Studies

IM salafi_acadamy


A headset with microphone is required for participation inshaAllah. See policy rules

What books will I need for this course?

At this time, the following book list has been prepared for the students for the coming year 2011. If the selection changes, the information will be updated within enough time so that students can order text at least 4 toä weeks in advanced. The purchase of text is required only if a complete an authentic online resource cannot be found inshaallah.

  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir Volume 1
  • Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 1
  • Hasad
  • The Origins of Evil


What can I expect from this course?

  • Participants of this course are expected to stay current with the current reading selection.
  • To submit a completed summary of your reading each week
  • To focus on specific vocabulary given for each topic of discussion
  • To attend both sessions per week
  • To complete any homework assignments, quizzes, test or exams given

When will this course begin?

This course is scheduled to begin for the Summer semester of 2011. A date and time will be posted inshaAllah

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (rahimahullah)

With the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

Download all ten volumes at 4Shared

Suggested Summer Reading


 For those of you who would like to stay focused with your reading over the Summer session please start reading the following suggested textbook inshaAllah

Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 1 (cover to cover) inshaAllah







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