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Your Standard Salafi Curriculum Guide

Learning the Alphabet

K3 Academic Studies

Spelling and Vocabulary Review

K3 Courses Academics for the Youth

As mentioned there are (30) thirty titles for this reading series; providing the student with a graduation in text from easy to difficult. All books are age appropriate to Grade 2 reading levels inshaAllah.

Some of the Book Titles:

Theme One (3 books): All together now


Fan Cat Can Jump

One Big Hit

Theme Two (3 books): Surprise!

Five big Boxes

The Pet

Where is Tug Bug?

Theme Three (3 books): Let’s Look Around!


Apple Picking

The Crab

Theme Four (3 books): Family and Friends

Family Day

The Bug Jug Band

Best Friends

Theme Five (3 Books): Home Sweet Home

The Chip Chop Ship

What Can You See at the Lake?

Stripe and the Nice Mice

Theme Six (3 books): Animal Adventures

Fox and Mule

What Animal Is It?

The Real Wolf

Class begins soon inshaAllah. Don’t delay!

Your Notebook

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Parents are encouraged to help students start their own personal word list or journal.

A personal word list or a journal for writing is a good place to write down words that you want to remember. You should use your notebook when you are trying to think of things to write about or to check your spelling words to make sure you spelled them correctly inshaAllah.

Use your new notebook to do the following:
  • You can write new words from your reading
  • words from your writing that are hard to spell
  • words that you have learned in other classroom subjects
  • spelling words that you need to study

Sounds and Letters

Video Clip coming soon inshaAllah

There are 26 letters in the alphabet. 20 of those letters are called consonant letters. Practice capital and lowercase letters below.

Bb     Cc     Dd     Ff     Gg     Hh     Jj     Kk     Ll     Mm

Nn     Pp     Qq     Rr    Ss     Tt     Vv     Ww     Yy     Zz

The rest of the letters are called vowels. There are 6 main vowels in the alphabet. Practice capital and lowercase letters below.

Aa     Ee     Ii     Oo     Uu

Parents can order Manuscript handwriting practice books from the Textbook Recycling warehouse inshaAllah for $2.00

How to Study a Word

1. Look at the word.

2. Say the word.

3. Think about the word.

4. Write the word.

5. Check the spelling.

Example: Short a Sound

Write each word three times each and then put them in ABC order. 

1. hat                2. sad

3. bag               4. bat

5. as                 6. am

7. has               8. ran

9. sat              10. bad

ABC Order - the letters of the alphabet are in ABC order. We use ABC order to find words in a dictionary. 

Look for these words in the dictionary:
  1. was
  2. want
  3. a
  4. can
Correct this sentence.

Oh, I em so sade!

The rest of the lesson is taught in class.

Lesson: Short Vowels

A short vowel sound is usually spelled with one vowel and is followed by a consonant sound.

Basic Words:

mix, milk, smell, last, class, left, thick, send, thin, stick
pond, luck, drop, lot, rub, drum, sock, hunt, crop, shut

Other Words:
head, friend, empty, crisp, step, dish; 
does, front, dodge, crumb, spot, much

Students will complete additional activities in class using the Think-Write-Check exercises:
Additional Lessons
ABC Order
Rhyming Words
Letter Swap
Word Attack
Sentence completion
Dictionary Skills
Hidden Words & Clues
Code Breakers
Writing Application
Practice cursive handwriting

Vowel-Consonant-e Pattern

A long vowel sound is often spelled with the vowel-consonant-e pattern.

Basic Words:
smoke, huge, save, life, wide, mine, grade, smile, note, cube

Other words:
come, love, escape, explode, side, hope

Students will complete additional activities in class using the Think-Write-Check model:

Other Activities;
Word Attack
Context Sentences
Matching word meanings
Dictionary Skills
Expanding Vocabulary
Hink Pink (rhymes and clues)
Writing Application


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