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Students enrolled for the FTSOnline program are currently studying the book The Origins of Evil, it is suggested that you share your comments, thoughts, and questions for others to benefit inshaAllah
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Not Knowing the Roads to Evil and the Roads to Good
0637 over a year ago
Obeying the Whispers of Shaitan
01343 over a year ago
Accepting the Whispers of the Soul
01193 over a year ago
The Comparison between Good and Evil
01346 over a year ago
Widespread evil is a sign of the last hour
01582 over a year ago
Evil Increases with the Passing of Time
01105 over a year ago
Allah tests His Creation with Good and Evil pg. 28
01112 over a year ago
Who are the Most Ignorant about the Knowledge of Evil?
01557 over a year ago
The Definition of Origin
11026 over a year ago
What Defines Evil?
01007 over a year ago
The Son of Adam Seeks Protection from two kinds of evil
11453 over a year ago
Hadeeth On the Authority of Abu Hurairah (Memorize)
11445 over a year ago
The Definition of Evil
0738 over a year ago
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