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Students may post the notes and or benefits required for submission during the reading of tafsir from Ibn Kathir in Juz Tabarak and for Juz Amma inshaAllah
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Sticky: Read: A reminder to students about writing benefits...
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0251 11 months ago
My benefits from today in Tafsir class ~Amina Guleid
0553 over a year ago
Beginning Surah Ash-Shams (91)
0519 over a year ago
Completion of Surah 90. Al-Balad ayaat 11-20
0426 over a year ago
Benefits from Surah Al-Inchiqâq, ayat 16 to 25
1786 over a year ago
What I have learnt from today's tafsir class.
0516 over a year ago
Tafsir of Surah al-Infitar ayaat 13 - 19; Benefit 3
0925 over a year ago
Surah 'Abasa ayat 33-42: Benefite 4&5
01541 over a year ago
Islamic Studies Test Suwar An-Naba, An-Nazi'at, and Abasa
01514 over a year ago
Benefit 4 and 5 from surah Abasa verses 33-42
0998 over a year ago
Surah Abasa Benefite 3-4
0555 over a year ago
Benefits from surah Â?Abasa 1&2
0657 over a year ago
Surah Abasa Benefite 1-2
0515 over a year ago
Surah an_Nazi`at Benefits 5&6
0611 over a year ago
Benefits taken from Verse 14-26 of Surah Naziat
0929 over a year ago
My two benefits from surah an naziat
0729 over a year ago
The 18 Mukhamat Ayats
0524 over a year ago
Surah an-Naba ayats 17-31
01088 over a year ago
The Benifits of Al-Mu'awwidhatayn (Al-Falaq and An-Nas)
1841 over a year ago
Tafsir/Benefits for the explanation of The Mu'awwadhatayn
0735 over a year ago
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Last Will and Testament

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